White Swakara Top Lot

Agra Board Member Chris Baisako, CEO Jesper Lauge Christensen, Broker Alexander Tseikovich and Agra Pelt Centre Manager Jaco van Zylt

The White Swakara Top Lot was bought by Alexander Tseikovich for Bella Mamma Atelier in Saint Petersburg.

The 5-year old Atelier belongs to mother and daughter, both named Anna Kaminskaya. Love for fashion, quality, craftmanship and beautiful things are a special trait of their family, a special family tradition. Quality and craftmanship are their lifestyle!

They started Atelier very cautiously. It was hard to find good specialists. Now they have about 10 people in Atelier, each of them being a diamond. Bella Mamma is not only focused on fur – they also work with combinations, laces, high-quality textile. Atelier is made for the very high-end customers, who value quality, craftmanship and money. It is important to both combine traditions of Saint Petersburg, with its special style (black, grey and darker shades, sophistication), but also to give customers the ability to buy things for their travels abroad to warm countries like Italy and Dubai. So, Bella Mamma also makes cruise collections.

Bella Mamma got the Italian name because they love Italy and want to make a family look, so that kids and moms, women of different generations could look stylish and beautiful. They take customized approach to their clients and let them choose materials and textiles for future creations.

This is their First Top Lot bought at Kopenhagen Fur.

This Top lot was bought for a special cardigan with lace and a masterful embroidery on the back and collar.
To Bella Mamma, Top Lot means guarantee of quality and assurance to oneself, that it will be the best fur. Top Lot is a philosophy.