Applying for a visa

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If you need a visa to visit Kopenhagen Fur, please contact the Customer Department. Please hand in a copy of your passport and other relevant information.

The Far East

For the Chinese applicants, we can convey the following information from the Danish Immigration Service (June 2007);

The Danish Immigration Service, the Royal Danish Embassy in Bejing and the Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong are happy to provide you with the following information concerning visa procedures in relation to business visits to Denmark. The following information is provided in order to facilitate your application for a business visa.

The information is particularly relevant for first time applicants and travellers.
In order to visit Denmark and the Schengen countries Chinese citizens are required to obtain visas.

Where and how to apply
In China, a Danish Schengen visa can be applied for, at the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing, and the Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

The application form is available at the representative office. Application forms are also available on the website of the Danish Immigration Service at

Application and documentation

The following documents must be enclosed with the application. The application is available at the diplomatic representation or In most cases, a processing fee will be charged. The fee for a Schengen visa is 60 Euro.
• Valid national passport or other valid travel identification
• Two accurate passport photos of the applicant. The photo must be 35mm x 45mm (size of head between 30-36 mm from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head). The person must be facing the camera directly.
• An invitation from the Danish company with name and address, purpose of the visit, and a description of the relationship between the applicant and the company residing in Denmark.
The applicant may in some cases be asked to present additional documentation at the time the application is submitted. It is therefore a good idea to contact the relevant diplomatic representation prior to submitting a visa application.

The applicant must be able to document his/her line of business by providing such items as a business permit or a proof of registration issued by authorities in his/her home country.

Further documentation of the applicant's background can include proof of education, proof of previous business dealings within the same business or proof of the financial resources of the applicant's company.

If several applicants are to visit the same company, documentation of each applicant's role during the visit will be relevant for the application.

Processing time

The overwhelming majority of visa applications are processed and decided by Danish diplomatic missions (embassies or consulates) abroad. These cases will usually be decided within a few days. Some cases, however, may take 10-12 days.

Cases submitted to the Danish Immigration Service are either cases where it is judged that there is a high risk that the applicant will take up permanent or long-term residence in Denmark or one of the other Schengen countries, or the applicant is a first time visa applicant/traveller.

Business visas handled by the Danish Immigration Service have an average processing time of 4-5 weeks. Processing times at the Danish Immigration Service are calculated from the receipt of the application. The timelines listed here are rough averages. Some cases may be processed faster, while others may take longer.
First time travellers are most kindly requested to apply for visas in due time

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