Kopenhagen Fur Quality Labels


Labels of luxury

Kopenhagen Fur is the world's largest provider of luxury fur. Garments carrying a Kopenhagen Fur quality label have been made from fur skins that are unrivalled in quality. Only skins sold through Kopenhagen Fur and graded by Kopenhagen Fur's graders can carry the Kopenhagen Fur quality label.

The two quality labels

The finest of the finest, Kopenhagen Fur Purple Quality mink skins are characterised by lightness and silkiness due to their extra fine, short guard hair and the underfur, which is exceptionally dense and full.

Anti-fake care labels will be allocated together with Purple-Label skins.

The newly introduced Premium Quality Label includes skins belonging to the Platinum, Burgundy, and Ivory qualities. Mink skins of the Kopenhagen Fur Premium quality label have fine, even guard hair in harmony with the full, dense underfur.

Our labels are a quality stamp of approval for you customers. Only skins that have been quality graded and sold in our auction room carry these labels. If you have any questions concerning our labels or our labeling system, please feel free to contact us.

How to order labels

  • Customers from China may order labels via Kopenhagen Fur's WeChat account or through their sales representative.

  • Customers from all other regions can request labels by filling this form.

For any questions regarding label allocation or orders, you are welcome to contact our International Sales department at internationalsales@kopenhagenfur.com