Interest rates

Interest rates from August 2020

The interest rates take effect from the prompt day of the August auction 2020, i.e. 14 September 2020, and they also apply to all previous purchases uncleared at that date. The rates will be in force until further notice.

The interest rates prevailing from 14 September 2020 are as follows:

DKK 10% p.a.
EUR 10% p.a.
USD 10% p.a.
CNY 11.5% p.a.

Interest rates on uncleared purchases as per prompt day with less than 25% deposit paid in accordance with our notification of claim will be increased by 5% and subsequently be

DKK 15% p.a.
EUR 15% p.a.
USD 15% p.a.
CNY 16.5% p.a.