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Buying skins

Kopenhagen Fur is the undisputed world leader in the fur trade. For many years, the world market price for fur skins has been set here at the Kopenhagen Fur auction house. Would you like to buy skins for your business here? Click here to get started.

Private Treaty

Unsold lots from the ongoing auction are offered for sale by private treaty during and after an auction. Click here to access Private Treaty.

Digital services

With our digital solutions it's faster and easier than ever before to get an overview of the entire auction program and the sale in our auction room. Download our Auction App and our Catalogue App here.

Auction dates 2019

Auction dates 2019

Inspection: 19-23 January
Sales: 24-28 January

Inspection: 11-18 March
Sales: 19-26 March

Inspection: 26 April – 2 May
Sales: 3-9 May

Inspection: 14-21 June
Sales: 22 June – 1 July

Inspection: 26 August – 1 September
Sales: 2-11 September