New customer - open an account

Companies, who have not previously had any business commitments with Kopenhagen Fur, must meet the following stipulations in order to obtain the right to make their own bids in the auction room.

* Information concerning the company's name, address, e-mail address, phone and fax numbers.

* Name of the person who makes purchases at the auction on behalf of the company (please also include his/her passport number).

* Copy of the company's public registration in the Business Register.

* Copy of the company's latest annual account certified by a certified public accountant.

* Information concerning the company's bank.

* Companies resident within the EU must also inform us of their VAT registration number.

* Expected purchase, both with regard to skin types, number of skins and the estimated monetary value.

* A deposit for at least 25% of the expected purchase, either by:
- a bank guarantee issued by a first-class bank which Nordea Bank Danmark A/S can accept.
- or the opening of an irrevocable standby L/C.
- or a cash deposit at Kopenhagen Fur.

Furthermore, it is important, that you are familiar with Kopenhagen Fur's Conditions of Sale.

Please contact Mr Brian Tufvesson, Head of Customer Department, if you wish to obtain a buyer number.

You are welcome to fill in this Form for Opening a Buyer Number in advance to ease the procedure.