All goods are to be cleared by prompt-day which is the 21st day after the last selling day of an auction.


For goods not cleared by prompt-day, we will require a deposit of minimum 25 per cent for all your purchases made from Kopenhagen Fur.

By due date

The due date (prompt-day) for payment of the purchase price shall be the 21st day after the last day of the auction and all liabilities of the purchaser shall be fulfilled as of the close of business on due date.

If Kopenhagen Fur has not received full payment by prompt-day, a 25% deposit on outstanding goods must be paid by prompt-day at the latest. Otherwise, Kopenhagen Fur will collect a deposit surcharge of 2% on the invoice amount (before commission). The customer's account will be debited with the deposit surcharge as of the day after prompt-day.

Before the next auction

If Kopenhagen Fur has not received full payment, or if a 25% deposit on outstanding goods has not been paid, the skins will be resold for the buyer's account and risk. In addition, the buyer will also have to pay 25% deposit on expected purchase before the next auction.

Please note, information about Auction Fee, Storage Charge, Currencies is located below.

Auction fee

Mink and Finnraccoon: 6.75% on the hammer price + HF DKK 0.52 per skin + WelFur DKK 0.75 per skin.

Fox: 5,75% of the hammer price + flat fee DKK 20.00 per skin + HF DKK 0.52 per skin + WelFur DKK 0.75 per skin.

Other skins: 6.75% on hammer price + HF 0.52 per skin.

Swakara, karakul and seal; 8% + HF DKK 0.52 per skin.

IFF Marketing Fee (pct of hammer price) 0.1% per skin.

Please refer to Kopenhagen Fur's Conditions of Sale.


(HF = Handling Fee)


The storage charges are:


Daily Storage Fee After Promt Day

Price per skin (DKK)

Day 1 - 14


Day 15 - 104


Day 104 onward



Regional Warehouses:

Daily Storage Fee After Prompt Day

Price per skin (DKK)

Day 1 - 90


Day 91 - 180


Day 180 onward



Shipping Fee




Export Customs Clearance (Outside EU)

DKK    150,00


Certificate like COO, ATR or EUR1 (where applicable)

DKK    450,00


Health Certificate (where applicable)

DKK 1.350,00



Handling & Packing Fee



Order Handling

DKK 250,00

Shipment reference

Handling Cost

DKK     0,18




During auctions, the informative middle rates in USD and EUR are available in the service counters every morning.

 The informative middle rates are also available on our bank's website, daily.

 If you need a currency convertion you may use a currency calculator - you can find one on: