Allocated labels

Kopenhagen Fur's label system features two quality labels. The Purple Quality label, for the finest Purple quality mink skins, and the Premium Quality label, for mink skins belonging to the qualities Platinum, Burgundy and Ivory.

The Kopenhagen Fur Quality labels are allocated as follows:

Textile labels for coats, jackets etc.

Mink, males

 Labels 10 per skin

Mink, females

 Labels 15 per skin


 Labels 6 per skin


 40 per skin


 15 per skin

Swakara White

 1 additional label per 15 skins


* The new label system is not available for fox.





Please note: the new labels are valid and available since April 2020. 

If you have any questions regarding label allocation, please contact our International Sales Department on or on +45 4326 1000.