About the auction inspection

Prior to the auction sales it is possible to inspect the showlots in the inspection area.

The auction catalogues are available in hall 1 and at the wardrobe counter in the basement. The catalogues include information about the various skin types.

The catalogues are made up of a long row of six digit LOT numbers. Only the first lot (the showlot) indicated in the numbers by asterisks is presented for inspection in the show section. Remaining lot numbers are kept in the basement of the warehouse.

The selections of skins hang on trolleys in the inspection area. Boards are hung by each section announcing which skin type and sex to be found in the section.

On the bottom of the catalogue page you will find a six digit number. This number refers to the trolley where you will find the LOT numbers that the catalogue page or pages have listed. On the trolley's wooden board (at the top of the trolley) you will find the same combination of numbers.


The skin collection may be inspected as follows:


Opening hours 


Inspection days

08.00 - 18.00

Last inspection day           

08.00 - 20.00 

Selling days

08.00 - until 2 hours after the sale

In order to ensure that we have samplemen ready for you upon arrival, please inform us of your estimated time of arrival at Kopenhagen Fur on the attendance form.

Please inform the floorman in the inspection area, when you no longer require your sampleman.



You will find two floormen in the inspection area at all times. The floormen will be at your disposal with regard to samplemen, questions concerning the collection (quantities and location etc.) as well as selling days and times.

Please contact the Floorman Counter if you need assistance with regard to inspection.