Fabulous Fur Fashion in Milan

The fashion brand VLASTA KOPYLOVA held a spectacular fur fashion show in Milan where they presented their FW 22/23 fashion collection.

Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Diahann Carroll, Jessica Lange, Barbara Bouchet: these are the divas of the 50s who inspired the collection by VLASTA KOPYLOVA, a family-run brand born in 2012 and based in Istanbul.

A total woman look that pays homage to the brilliant life of these special women who are successful and adored by millions of people, their eccentric lifestyle has given life to the fil rouge of the FW 22 23 SUPERSTAR” collection. 

VLASTA KOPYLOVA combines bright colors and prints to create a true modern work of art. using the principles of graffiti and pop art, she dresses a combination of different materials and fabrics with multicolored graphic designs and words made with the inlay technique.

The use of these decorative elements in bold textures and shades such as orange, yellow and pink in a neon version on a base of natural and soft colors such as shades of sand, beige, gray characterizes a special mix that makes outerwear recognizable, knitwear and accessories.

The SUPERSTAR look is enriched by the garments that complete and create the looks, this time proposed in dark, neutral tones and in many other colors.


The pictures

See all the pictures from the fashion show in this article. Here you'll find galleries from the runway as well as pictures from behind the scenes. Simply click on the right arrow in the galleries.. Picture credit: Vlasta Kopylova.

A heterogeneous mix&match of fabrics and materials contribute creating the 90% artisan production look that attracts every eye. Leather details are combined with natural boiled cashmere, waterproof fabric or made from cotton and recycled plastic. The designer has also included 3 or 5 different materials in the same garment to create a harmonious meltingpot of creativity.

There are two main all-over embroideries designed to give volume to the garments, the individual letters or the full name of the brand.

Many of the VLASTA KOPYLOVA creations are designed to be reversible and can be worn in elegant situations as well as in everyday casual occasions, a recognizable and remarkable mood to dress up every day like real celebrities.