Top Lot in Sapphire Velvet Females

CEO Jesper Lauge Christensen and Mr Zhang Hao

At Kopenhagen Fur’s September auction, the Top Lot in Sapphire Velvet Females, Short nap 1, was bought by Mr Quan Yang from Mega Fur for the fashion brand ManMona (M Home Fur) for 1,100 DKK per skin.

The fashion brand ManMona (M Home Fur) officially operated online as an e-commerce brand in 2009. Its predecessor was an old Haining brand of a fur company founded in 1994.

Having a certain trend of influence on the fur business, this is inseparable from the idea and core view that ManMona (M Home Fur) has always insisted on.

The idea that Ms Wang hopes to convey the brand “Manself, that is, my fashionable attitude” can give consumers the courage and strength to “do themselves”. At the same time, Ms Zhang also deeply understands that fur is sustainable, durable, recyclable and biodegradable. This is the core concept that the fur industry must follow to be healthy and environmentally friendly. This coincides with the sustainable development of the environmentally friendly fur concept of Kopenhagen Fur.

In 2019, the ManMona brand concept was upgraded again. Break the luxury barriers of fur, integrate high luxury into everyday life and turn to the high quality that everyone can enjoy. This has become a new direction for ManMona.

“At present, the potential of the domestic fur market is still huge, and the auction house in Copenhagen has always represented the highest quality of fur. Therefore, the newly upgraded brand concept will usher in a very optimistic situation.” Ms Zhang has always believed in this.

Regarding this Sapphire Top Lot, the ManMona brand will implement this concept, bringing the highest quality materials to consumers, allowing more and more consumers and the market to recognize the fur consumption and the idea of fur fashion.