Digital services

Fast and convenient

Kopenhagen Fur strives to provide the best possible service to our customers. Therefore, we offer various digital solutions. Information about current price levels and price deviations can be obtained via our auction app.

For those who seek to follow our auctions from afar we offer a live stream of the auction room, available during sale, as well as pricerunner, which displays a live feed of the sold lots.

For our customers abroad, who require acces to a stream site that loads quicker, please use the following link.


Click here to go to the Kopenhagen Fur Auction video stream site

Download our auction app here

See price deviations, a live feed of sales prices or download the latest sales programme via Kopenhagen Fur's auction app. Click here to get started.

Offering / catalogue, results and statistics

See our offering as well as results and statistics by clicking here.