Black Swakara Top Lot

Agra Boardmember Chris Baisako, CEO Jesper Lauge Christensen, Ms Ma Qing and Agra Pelt Centre Manager Jaco van Zylt

At Kopenhagen Fur’s September auction, Ms Ma Qing, owner of THE BEAUTY MEET, which is a famous online retail brand in China, won the first Top Lot in Black Swakara at the price of 1,250 DKK.

Ms Ma Qing witnessed the glory moment of this Top Lot. In order to gain new inspiration for product development, Ms Ma Qing also visited Kopenhagen Fur Studio to meet designers and furriers, which means their cooperation between with the Kopenhagen Fur will be further improved.

THE BEAUTY MEET, founded in 2010, is dedicated to the independent, new-age women who are pursuing individuality, fashion and higher quality of life and texture.

Ms Ma Qing is keenly aware of the market potential of fur consumption in China. She said that she has a passion for the natural raw material of fur, and at the beginning has established the core values of her brand; “Reasonable and Sustainable”. This coincides with the environmentally-friendly fur concept of Kopenhagen Fur's sustainable development.

Kopenhagen Fur believes that the two parties will work together in deep cooperation on fur and fashion in the future.