White Swakara Top Lot

Kopenhagen Fur

From the left - Arnold Klein, CEO Jesper Lauge Christensen, Sunny Chan, Looken, Leilani Losper, Raynold Losper

Broker Sunny Cheung and Looken from Charley International Holdings Ltd bought the White Swakara Top Lot for Chinese brand Oriental Lady for 740 DKK per skin.

Mr Cui Biao, CEO of Oriental Lady, is not unfamiliar with the Kopenhagen Fur Top Lot Club since he already bought Top Lots both at the January auction 2019 and March auction 2018.
Oriental Lady, established in 2000, has produced their own fur collection since 2012, with stores in Beijing, Tianjin and Changchun. 

Mr Cui Biao bought this Top Lot because he wants to show the best quality of his products in this difficult period of the fur trade and also his craftsmanship in combination with fur garments.

In a long-term perspective, the dream for Oriental Lady is to create a Capsule Collection within the frame of “The Star Project” with Kopenhagen Fur, a collection that will display the many innovative and exclusive possibilities of both mink and swakara to the consumers.