Top Lot Brown Velvet Males

CEO Jesper Lauge Christensen, Mrs Jin Jing and Mr Qi Lizhi of MSBEAST

The Top Lot in Brown Velvet Males, Short nap 2 was bought by the brokers Jialin Yang and Quan Yang for Mr Qi Lizhi and Mrs Jin Jing of MSBEAST for DKK 780 per skin.


MSBEAST practices the "integrity, quality, innovation" design concept, a strong sense of social responsibility. For a long time, MSBEAST is committed to bringing more environmentally-friendly, refined and fashionable fur clothing to domestic senior consumer.


The founders of MSBEAST, the couple Mr Qi Lizhi and Mrs Jin Jing, graduated from Zhejiang University, already visited the Kopenhagen Fur Studio in 2013. They want to jointly develope design with Kopenhagen Fur Studio to discover more energetic fur element in the coming future.


MSBEAST has constructed a framework of E-commerce layout and fur collection structure. In the future they want to cooperate with Kopenhagen Fur on promotion and education for online consumers. Mr Qi and Mrs Jin hope that this experience of winning the Top Lot will actively promote the cooperation between MSBEAST and Kopenhagen Fur.