Auction schedule 2020

Kopenhagen Fur’s Auction Schedule in 2020

A significant reduction in the number of breeders and information from the feed kitchens about a reduced consumption of feed supply to the mink farms confirm a considerable decrease in available mink skins in the future. Therefore, Kopenhagen Fur expects to sell only 18 million mink skins in 2020 and will hold only four auctions next year, i.e. in February, April, June and September.


Kopenhagen Fur is pleased to announce its 2020 schedule:

February auction 2020: Inspection 2-9 February, Sale: 10-17 February

April auction 2020: Inspection 15-20 April, Sale 21-28 April

June auction 2020: Inspection 14-21 June, Sale 22 June to 1 July

September auction 2020: Inspection 25 August – 31 August, Sale 1 to 10 September