Remote Auction Rooms Get A Makeover


Liaoning Baosheng Tongerpu Warehouse: “Not only does it make Kopenhagen Fur more visible, but it’s also an added convenience for agents and customers,” says Min Fufeng, the General Manager of Liaoning Baosheng’s Tongerpu warehouse.



Hebei Desheng Fur Auction House: “We have found this approach has greatly improved our information service to our customers. In particular, the information touch screen saves manpower and materials. It’s very useful, and the overall style is elegant and nice,” according to the general manager of Desheng’s internet trading centre, Wang Lisong.



Sunjoy Dressing Company: “Installing the large brand wall and interactive terminals has been a win-win for our Haining Branch. Not only does it help Kopenhagen Fur build its brand, but it also increases trust from our customers as online auctions continue to grow,” says Sunjoy Branch Manager Qiu Zucheng.


J&K International: “The installation from Kopenhagen Fur helps our Haining office with its own branding, including improving the style of our auction room as well as making information attractive and easily accessible to customers through the digital interactive content,” J&K Branch Manager Wang Qiang says.