September auction begins this weekend

At Kopenhagen Fur, the last auction of this sales season is just around the corner. The inspection, where customers can inspect the skin quality before the auction, has begun.

Due to international corona restrictions, the number of customers for the inspection is limited. International skin buyers prefer to remain in their home countries and instead await the digital auction.

The auction begins this Saturday at 7 CET, where Kopenhagen Fur offers brown male mink skins as the first offered item of the auction. The Danish auction house is offering a total of over 3 million mink skins for this September auction, as well as approx. 17,000 chinchilla skins and approx. 17,000 Swakara skins from Namibia.

In addition, approx. 43,000 fox skins are also offered as the final items of the September sales order. In the mink offering, Silverblue Velvet female skins will be the last offered mink type in this auction.

Final sales order can be viewed here

f the link opens with our previous preliminary old sales order, then please clear your cookies and cached files on your browser.