Final sales order ready

Kopenhagen Fur's June/July auction will begin on Monday, June 21, where the auction will begin with an offering of Pearl Beige Males.

Kopenhagen Fur is proud to offer 5 million of the world's finest mink skins, along with 10.000 high quality chinchilla skins as well as just over 18.000 of the world's finest Swakara skins.

The preliminary last day of sale is scheduled to be held on Saturday, July 3.

Sales order and catalogue

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Inspection and auction day

Inspection days

We will have a regular inspection for customers and commission agents.

Inspection: June 9 - 11

Weekend: June 12 - 13 (closed)

Inspection: June 14 - 18

Sales days

Begins on Monday, June 21

Closed on June 27

Preliminary final sales day - Saturday, July 3.