Positive sales results in August will stock the 2020/21 retail season

For the past week, the auction room at Kopenhagen Fur finally came to life for the first time in 2020. During the August auction, participants representing 80% of the customer purchasing power came from all over the world to bring back the international, bustling atmosphere of our auctions.

- At the physical auction you feel more involved in the business, you talk to each other. The atmosphere was very good. It was easy to enter Denmark and you can quickly get tested in the airport (Guida, Italy).

Auction results

The ability to interact with each other and feel the market encouraged buyers, resulting in a positive sales result. The final sales reached 70,3 percent out of the 5,3 million skins offered. Lower qualities continued to be popular. However, there was an increased demand for higher quality skins and Velvet types compared to previous auctions.

Despite the low prices and currency adjustments, the positive sales percentage in August is a breath of fresh air for farmers as well as for everyone else in the fur trade, proving that there is market demand even in the face of the corona crisis and a decreasing world production. Kopenhagen Fur would like to thank all our buyers for the continued support that is necessary to bring the whole trade forward in these difficult times.

As fall begins to settle, the newly purchased skins will help kickstart the 2020/21 retail season. After the sales in August and September, the focus will shift from the farms to the tanneries and factories, as they prepare to receive an increased flow of raw materials. This year, their role is more critical than ever, as they add and transfer value to all stages of the value chain, for the benefit of the entire fur trade. In the coming weeks, the evolution of the manufacturing capacity in Asia will be decisive for the season.

Ready for September

Kopenhagen Fur is well into the preparations for September. The physical inspection is scheduled to start on 14 September, followed by a physical sale from 20 September.