Trusting digital inspections: the importance of Kopenhagen Fur’s top-quality sorting

With the market craving the supply of raw material, most of the skins sold during the April auction have already been shipped to the tanneries in China, Cambodia, Thailand, and Greece. Production is now in full swing, and the tanneries have been reporting high levels of satisfaction with the quality of our skins, on a par with the reports from previous years.

In a year where the global pandemic forced us to hold the April auction digitally, this is a significant achievement. For the first time, our customers were unable to inspect the skins personally. Instead, they had to rely on an image library solution to perform a digital inspection. In these conditions, the trust of our customers was fundamental. Their satisfaction is a testimony to the high sorting standards and expertise that Kopenhagen Fur is known for, but also to the loyalty of our customers.

Kopenhagen Fur is now preparing for its second digital auction in June. The lessons learnt in the April auction are being used to improve our digital setup for June, which will feature an improved solution for our digital inspection.