Committed to quality: three stories from our April Top Lot winners

Kopenhagen Fur’s last April auction featured three exceptional Top Lots: Silverblue velvet males, Black Velvet females, and Chinchilla. For our three Top Lot winners, quality still proves its worth in times of crisis.

Top Lot in Silverblue Velvet males: Guida / Orsaya

Guida is a consolidated Italian skin broker with over 50 years of fur craftsmanship experience and a pioneer in the slow fashion movement since the company’s beginnings as a vintage fur store. For Guida, the importance of a transparent supply chain has only but increased, as they stand as ambassadors of their customers to purchase only the top quality furs meeting the highest traceability and welfare standards.

During Kopenhagen Fur’s April auction, Guida purchased our Silverblue female Top Lot for its valued customer, Shenzhen Twins Clothing and their online brand, Orsaya, for a price of 1140 DKK per skin. The Silverblue Top Lot is an excellent match to Orsaya’s commercial strategy, which is based on using superior quality materials to attract long-term customers. Now, Orsaya is looking forward to collaborating with Kopenhagen Fur Studio.

Top Lot in Black Velvet females: QiYu Fur

An experienced customer at our auctions, Mrs. Liu Zihan from online retailer QiYu Fur brought home her first Kopenhagen Fur Top Lot for the GuShaDiAo brand, at a price of 700 DKK per skin. Despite the impact of coronavirus, QiYu Fur has maintained its long-standing focus on innovation and the quality of the raw materials.

Known for their long tradition in fur craftsmanship, QiYu will dedicate this Top Lot to developing its range of high-end women fur coats during the 2020 season, and looks forward to collaborating with Kopenhagen Fur’s Top Lot programme.

Top Lot in Chinchilla: Oriental Lady Fur

Cui Biao, owner of the brand Oriental Lady Fur, is an experienced Top Lot buyer and loyal Kopenhagen Fur customer. He has succeeded to buy Top Lots at Kopenhagen Fur auctions every year since 2018, and earning the top bid of 800 DKK per skin for the Top Lot in Chinchilla at Kopenhagen Fur’s April auction. Based in Yuyao, the company’s physical stores cater top-quality furs to consumers in the North-East China region. However, Mr.Cui’s company is also intensifying its online efforts. To help with the digital transition, he has joined Powered-by Kopenhagen Fur, a top online brand club operated by Kopenhagen Fur Beijing.

Despite the difficult times the fur trade is facing, Mr. Cui’s knows that top quality always pays off, and he is determined to display the best materials and continue innovating in partnership with Kopenhagen Fur.

-If we do not pay attention to quality, it will be costly to make up for it further down the process. Kopenhagen Fur always provides the best quality, says Mr. Cui.