Improved shipping rates and transit times

Kopenhagen Fur’s Global Fur Logistics has now released its updated list of shipping rates for the June auction.

As COVID-19 slowly loosens its grip on worldwide logistics, the impact of the pandemic on capacity and prices is gradually declining, and markets begin to operate with increased certainty. During our June auction, customers will experience better prices to some destinations in Asia. Narita (Japan) and Seoul (Korea) experience significant price reductions as they slowly return to normality, and China also sees an overall improvement for several cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. In particular, our warehouse destinations in Thailand and Cambodia are benefiting from more capacity coming into the air freight market, with a dramatic decrease in prices as a result.

Air freight transit times are also decreasing, and there are overall less restrictions than in April, pointing to a steady recovery of the sector during the coming months.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have regarding shipping.

See our updated shipping rates for June here.