Increased safety measures at Kopenhagen Fur during auction season

Since March, Kopenhagen Fur’s premises in Glostrup have enforced strict and clear safety measures, which continued even after the official lockdown ended in Denmark. All employees have taken these measures to heart, making sure to keep a good distance between each other, sanitising their hands often, and establishing shifts to work from home to minimise contact.

Only essential staff that has tested negative is allowed in the premises

Starting last week, Kopenhagen Fur has implemented its plan to make our Glostrup premises corona-free and safe for visitors during the summer inspection and auction periods. The plan builds up on the already existing hygiene measures, it contemplates the following additional measures:

  • Limiting the number of employees in our facilities. Only employees essential to the auction are allowed in the facilities.
  • Testing of all employees allowed in the premises. This means, every person you meet during your visit to Glostrup has recently tested negative for corona.
  • Closing off the auction room and inspection areas from the rest of the premises. This area is reserved to visitors and tested, essential employees only.
  • Clear signage and indications throughout the premises.
  • Available protective equipment, sanitiser and information materials.

Please read our Safety Guidelines for more information.