Kopenhagen Fur will go ahead with the April auction

Kopenhagen Fur Auction

The current unfortunate situation in China with the new coronavirus outbreak caused Kopenhagen Fur to cancel the February auction. Now we are pleased to announce that we will open the auction season with the April auction with inspections beginning April 15 and sales from 21 to 28 April. An unmatched offering of the highest quality mink skins diverse in types, colours and qualities will be available for our customers to bid on.

The Chinese society has been hit hard by the outbreak of the coronavirus. Swift actions from the Chinese government, authorities and not least the Chinese people have so far made it possible to minimize spreading of the virus. Businesses have now begun to re-open and restrictions on movement have been eased, but the situation is far from normalized. As the fur trade’s global leader, Kopenhagen Fur has made the decision to go ahead with the April auction. The world production of mink skins has dropped significantly and to keep businesses running, new supplies of fur skins is needed in the market. It is our sincere hope that as many of our Chinese customers as possible will be able to attend the auction in Copenhagen or otherwise follow the auction online in China.

The entire mink collection offered at the April-auction is WelFur-certified. Kopenhagen Fur initiated the WelFur-certification with the rest of the fur trade following our lead. The scientific protocols behind WelFur have been developed by scientists from seven European universities and WelFur has been implemented on fur farms where third-party audits have taken place. Kopenhagen Fur is the only auction house where buyers can rest assured that all mink skins are WelFur-certified. We take great pride in this important step forward for the entire trade.

It is also with great pleasure that Kopenhagen Fur can announce the offering of North American mink skins of the finest quality through American Mink Exchange. The skins originate from the best farmers across North America whose quality and reputation speak for itself. You can view the entire list of farmers here.

The offerings of Kopenhagen Fur and American Mink Exchange combined represent the absolute best of European and North American mink. No other fur auction house can match this sublime offering of mink skins in numbers, types, colours and qualities.

We look forward to welcoming you to the April auction.