Namibian Swakara - Sold exclusively at Kopenhagen Fur in April and September

Our upcoming April auction will feature the sale of over 30,000 top quality Namibian Swakara skins, sold exclusively through Kopenhagen Fur.

Locally referred to as “black diamonds”, the sleek, twirly texture of these elegant skins makes Swakara a versatile material to work with, and a modern alternative in line with current market trends. This year’s collection will feature over 16,000 black swakara skins, followed by white (9,800) and spotted (3,200) types, as well as rarer colours such as grey and brown.

Due to the current extraordinary circumstances, the skins are still in Namibia. If you would like to take a look at the skins, we encourage you to arrange a video call with our trusted partner, Jaco van Zyl via Whatsapp on +264 81 363 8318.