General satisfaction with Kopenhagen Fur's first digital auction

Kopenhagen Fur's April auction is in full swing, and for the first time, commissioners must bid on the digital auction platform. A simple yet effective set-up and a close collaboration with our customers has allowed us to bring our online auction as close to a traditional auction in record time.

So far, the results are satisfying. We have a total of 210 registered users, and every day, we connect with an average of 110 users in our Zoom room. They are also active: each day, we receive 1.707 bids on average.

To guarantee that our customers operate seamlessly on the platform during the auction, our IT support team is available on WeChat for those who may experience technical difficulties.

We have asked some of those who normally bid in the auction room in Glostrup what it is like to buy skins online and what they think of the platform.

What our customers say

- Kopenhagen Fur’s newly launched digital auction platform is really easy for the buyers to get accustomed to, mainly because Kopenhagen Fur has taken the previous auction practice and experience into consideration in this setup. As a direct result, not only can the broker have a very timely and direct live communication with the auctioneer team, but also the buyer can track the auction sales by live-streaming; it is a very flexible setup and the pace of sales can be easily adapted according to the live situation. Another good thing is that since the customers could not go to Denmark for inspection, Kopenhagen Fur has provided pictures and videos of the showlots, which also supports the customer's purchasing decisions.

Shenglong Online auction site at Dongkou


- Kopenhagen Fur’s digital auction platform for the April auction offers a fantastic experience for the customers. Even though the experience is not the same, Kopenhagen Fur has managed to maintain the sales process very close to real auction, and the overall impression and experience is great. When it comes to the customers - for them it is more or less the same as before as they are attending the auction in online sites, but for other customers who never went to Glostrup auction room, this time they can experience the uneasiness of the job that brokers are doing - it is not as easy as just raising hand, but also requests extensive professional preparations before the sales session.

Mr. Locken, from Charley International Holdings


- Kopenhagen Fur has done a great job to move the auction room to the digital platform. But am a buyer who often went to the auction room for buying skins, so even though I can adjust to the online platform, I personally still prefer to go to Denmark to buy skins directly.

Mr. Xu Weiguo, a Haining Manufacturer and Online Retail Supplier


The overall digital web-page auction setup and interface is grealy designed, easy-to-use and user-friendly. There is not much difference as compared to on-site auction-room buying, almost as convenient as normal auctions, as we can see the auctioneers and also communicate with them seamlessly. The overall experience is beyond expectation.

Online Auction Sites at Tongerpu


Kopenhagen Fur April auction offered an overall “on-site auction” experience to the customer, which is very similar to previous auctions. However, some inconveniences occurred such as internet and setup issues. As a result, if we were buying skins in the auction room, we think we would buy more with better prices than buying online. We really hope that we could go to Copenhagen to attend Kopenhagen Fur’s auction, to see the Little Mermaid and to experience the enthusiasm of our auctioneers and the auction room.

Mr. Chad, from China Commodities Co.