American Mink Exchange, ready for the first sale of the season

Kopenhagen Fur AME

The North American sales platform, American Mink Exchange, is ready for the April auction. AME, who began their partnership with Kopenhagen Fur in early 2018, has expanded rapidly over the last year, quickly becoming the premier seller of shortnap, North American mink skins.

This April auction they are proud to offer approx. 500,000 mink skins, from some of the leading farmers in North America, who have specialized in top-of-the-line shortnap mink.

- These farmers have dedicated themselves to quality, which really shows in their skins and ultimately on the runway and in the foremost fashion cities, where fur consumers expect the best fur garments, says Richard Tax about the farmers whose names and products are well known among fur buyers.

He acknowledges that the current fur market is in a tense situation at the moment, but he has great faith in his skin suppliers’ quality and the fact that consumers always demand quality.

- And that is something that we are aware of here in New York and many other places around the world. Once this situation has normalized, people will still need and demand quality clothing, such as quality fur. We look forward to this season and to offer our skins throughout 2020, he says.

- We are ready to help any buyers with questions about our offering. Please contact us at if you have any questions at all. Specifically, if you have questions about the quality and naps of certain farms. We understand that buying without inspection may seem different, and we are happy to try ease any of your concerns, he adds.

You can view the order of sale via our auction news here to see when mink skins from Kopenhagen Fur and American Mink Exchange are offered.

You may view the types offered and the names of AME’s skin suppliers by clicking here.

You may view AME’s catalogue here