Top Lots are good to go

Expert graders of Kopenhagen Fur have now narrowed down the choice of Top Lots on offer to three fine bundles that represent the best of the best in fur breeding. Best of luck at the auction!


They are as follows:

Lot no. Top Lot – Mink

- 150341 White Velvet Males Short Nap 1

- 161139 Silverblue Cross Females


Lot no. Top Lot – Chinchilla

- 197213 Chinchilla


捆号 选金牌水貂皮

- 150341 白色天鹅绒公皮 短毛 1

- 161139 银蓝十字母皮


捆号 金牌皮- 青紫

- 197213 青紫兰