Kopenhagen Fur and American Mink Exchange ready for a busy 2019

Kopenhagen Fur is excited to continue offering American Mink Exchange's fine quality, short nap North American mink during this year’s sales season, starting already with our January auction.

American Mink Exchange is now in its second year of operations, and proudly offers all Kopenhagen Fur customers an easy and reliable way to purchase fine North American mink pelts. While the bulk of pelts will be on offer at Kopenhagen Fur’s March and June auctions, there are already lots for sale this January.

With American Mink Exchange offering pelts in-house, customers can fulfill all their mink needs under one roof at the world’s leading sustainable house of fur.

This season, American Mink Exchange expects to offer about 450,000 mink, including:

·       130,000 Black Mink in the Ruef/Lucas group

·       70,000 Black Mink in the Harris/Rowser group

·       150,000 Mutation, Pastel, and Brown Mink in the Lynn Mathews and Son group

·       60,000 Mahogany Mink in the Mathews Brothers group

We look forward to seeing you during the 2019 season!

For any additional information you may need, please contact Kopenhagen Fur via normal channels, or get in touch with American Mink Exchange at:


Web site: www.AmMinkExchange.com

Email: info@amminkexchange.com    

Fax: +1 212-239-9657

Phone: +1 212-736-4058

WeChat ID: mitchtax / richtax