Better than perfect: Mu Ka Fei loves Top Lot quality

Online retailer Mu Ka Fei sells some of China’s trendiest fur styles. Based in the Haining area, owner Shun Bo has been working with fur for over 10 years. This year, he won a beautiful Top Lot of Silverblue Cross Females. Also a repeat Top Lot buyer, last September Bo picked up a bundle Norwegian Type Silver Fox.

“I have been trying to win a Kopenhagen Fur Mink Top Lot since last June, to be able to use and show off our expert craftsmanship,” says Shun Bo.

He loves the quality he finds at Kopenhagen Fur auctions, calling it “better than the perfect.”

Mu Ka Fei plans to use this year’s Top Lot to make a combined garment featuring the best in mink and fox.

Pictured is broker Paul Davis with the Top Lot.