A Top Lot for top quality

The Yuyao-based Chinese brand Oriental Lady was excited to take home a Top Lot in White Velvet Male Mink from our January auction for 670 DKK per skin. This makes the second Top Lot purchase by owner Cui Biao, who took home a fine Top Lot of Silverblue Cross Female Mink in March 2018.

Oriental Lady has been selling garments at retail locations since 2000, and from 2012 has been producing their own collection of furs, with stores in Beijing, Tianjin and Changchun. 

He loves coming to Kopenhagen Fur auctions every year to buy pelts, and he thinks that Chinese style is evolving quickly.

“Better quality and design will make the whole trade better, as well as my business,” Cui says.

While he has not yet decided what to make this year’s Top Lot into, he looks forward to working with Kopenhagen Fur Studio to create an inspired design.

Pictured is their broker Sunny Cheung from Charley International Holdings Ltd, along with Lu Kun.