A priceless Chinchilla Top Lot goes to Ukraine

This January’s beautiful bundle of chinchillas went to Ukrainian brand Queen's Fur, for 1,200 DKK per skin.

Owner Elina Kolot has had a passion for the fur trade for 13 years, with a showroom in Dnipro, Ukraine’s fourth largest city. For the last 3 years, she has run her own brand, aimed at producing exclusive and bespoke fur garments for VIP clients.

“We work with high quality furs in material and tailoring. Our aim is to produce the best furs on the market, provide high service, and have repeat clients,” says Kolot, who plans to open a second showroom in Ukraine’s capital Kiev very soon.

One of her favourite materials is chinchilla, as well as other exotic furs like lynx, marten, and sable. Mainly working with her customers tending to be mainly from Ukraine, she also receives orders from Russia, Spain, France, and the United States.

“Some customers come with a precise idea of what they want, but any collaboration takes chemistry. Making a made to measure fur requires being able to understand one another, otherwise it won’t work,” she says.

While Kolot regularly buys at Kopenhagen Fur auctions through brokers, this is the first time she has ever purchased a Top Lot.

“I wanted to make a very exclusive coat for my new showroom in Kiev, so that’s why I wanted the best of the best in a Top Lot,” she says.

Even though she wasn’t present at the auction, the live feed made it an exciting experience.

“I got together with a friend for wine and watched the auction online. I was sure I would win the Top Lot because I was willing to pay any price,” she says. “To me, Kopenhagen Fur’s Chinchilla pelts are top quality and they are worth the money.”

Pictured is Elina Kolot’s broker Steven Holden from P.J. Zeitlin holding the beautiful Top Lot.