New Adjustments To Our Grading Bring Out The Best In Good Skins

Kopenhagen Fur is the leading player on the market for fur skins. We receive a volume of skins that simply cannot be beat, from the best farms in the world. With that comes a level of experience that allows us to grade skins into the largest number of characteristics and types on the market.

To make things even better, this upcoming season you will notice Kopenhagen Fur has redefined our grading boundaries as well as made other changes. These will benefit you greatly as our customer, and ensure the highest level of quality within each assortment.

Most visible will be the tightening of our cutoff margins and the restructuring of boundaries in our Velvet and Classic Kopenhagen Fur Mink skins.

With improved machines and manual grading procedures, we have achieved greater precision in grading hair length.

That means the boundaries between hair length and quality grades can now be more uniform, with increased accuracy so that you as a customer will experience better skins within each quality.

Customers will notice such changes in borderline skins which will move down a quality level, from Platinum to Burgundy, for example.

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