Mr He Jing solidifies his appreciation for Chinchilla

Mr He Jing solidifies his appreciation for Chinchilla

It was the former triple Top Lot buyer Mr He Jing who once again took home the 50 finest Chinchilla skins during the May auction. The skins went for 700 DKK each.

Three auctions in a row he has bought he finest of the chinchilla skins. It is once again Mr He Jing from the studio Beijing Sensations Fur who went home with the exclusive Chinchilla Top Lot from the May auction. During the last two auctions in February and March the Chinchilla Top Lot was purchased by the Beijing based designer and tailor. He also purchased the Chinchilla Top Lot in September 2017.

- I bought this Top Lot because I want to use skins of the finest quality for my garments. My customers and I are very strict when it comes to the quality of the raw skins. The Top lot can help me demonstrate the exclusivity of my products.

Mr He Jing buys his skins at Kopenhagen Fur’s auctions because he prefers the Top Lots from the Danish Auction house. Furthermore, the quality grading of the skins is very important to him.

- Kopenhagen Fur’s precise grading system ensures the uncompromised quality of the skins. I am very satisfied with all the Top Lots I have bought and I will continue to buy Top Lots in the future.


Mr He Jing has a few months to figure out, what he is going to use the skins for.

- I will create a glamorous garment of the skins and sell to a customer who appreciates good quality and good craftsmanship. Currently my main business is customizing, which means the customer makes most of the decisions. In the future, I will focus more on fashionable and creative design and provide better service for my customers.

Facts about Beijing Sensations Fur

Beijing Sensations Fur specializes in making fine, quality customized fur and leather garments for high-end customers. His luxury store is located in one of the prestigious, beautiful and traditional quarters of Beijing. Here, his company is located in one of the well-known, traditional courtyard houses, Si He Yuan, that evokes the history of the Western Zhou period in China, which has a history dating back over 2,000 years. His decision to place his business here and brand it as a private, exclusive club as well as his decision to buying Top Lots go hand in hand.