Firm price policy between June and September

Kopenhagen Fur

As the world’s leading auction house, we have the responsibility to support the fur market. One of the key concerns at the moment is price fluctuations.

To create stability and protect the value of our customers’ business, we have decided that we will have the same price policy on regular skins at our auctions in June and September.

The price policy has been made to ensure that regular skins offered in September will be sold at the same price level as similar goods sold at our June auction. Also, we ensure that the price level of the June auction will stand as the trade’s price level for the season ahead.

Private Treaty

Customers should be aware that unsold goods at our June sale will not be available on private treaty after the auction. Customers are advised to predispose their purchases during the auction days from 22 June to 1 July.

Favourable terms

Kopenhagen Fur will also offer favourable terms on skins bought at our June auction.

With a 25% deposit paid by the prompt day of our June auction, 22 July, goods will be held free of interest and storage charges until the prompt day of the September auction, 2 October.

From 2 October onwards, the interest rate will be 8.5% annually and the storage charge will be 0.02 DKK per day per skin.

Don’t miss out on the last chance of the 2018 season to buy large quantities of high-quality regular goods. Buy now, pay in full later, at Kopenhagen Fur’s June auction.

Please contact the Customer Department for further details.


Also, please be aware of our `Terms for payment by documentary credit´, read about them here.


We are looking forward to welcoming the largest customer group of the season to our June auction.