World offering of mink

The June auction is quickly approaching and we are excited to bring you the latest outlook from Kopenhagen Fur.

Declining availability of skinsThe expectation at the present moment is that we this season will see a decline in available skins compared to
last season.

The accumulated world offering this season is expected to reach 46 million skins. Compared with last season's sale
of 48 million skins, this outlook implies a reduction of available skins of 4,3%.

It is the second year in a row that we experience a global decline in the number of available skins through the
international auctions. The latest market feedback, from European and North American farming communities,
indicates that the declining trend will continue also in the coming season.

With the largest offering at our June auction, you still have the opportunity to secure your share of the skins available

Favorable termsFor your information, Kopenhagen Fur decided to offer our customers favorable terms for all goods purchased at our
June auction. We hope that you will welcome our initiatives - you can find more details on our website under
"favorable terms".

The auction starts 22nd of June with a large offering of White mink of the highest quality. You can find more details
about our offering on the company website

Kopenhagen Fur looks forward to welcoming you to our June Auction.