The most expensive Top Lot sold

On the third day of the June auction, the hammer fell on a staggering bid of DKK 5,000 per skin in the Top Lot.


The atmosphere in the auction room was euphoric as the Top Lot of the Pearl Beige Velvet Females was on offer. It built up as the bids did, says Chief Auctioneer Per Knudsen.

- People became more and more curious standing up and filmed the battle of bids between the two gentlemen, who both could see the value of winning the Top Lot. The Top Lot winner was very determined and sat with his finger in the air from start to finish. There was no doubt in his mind, while the opponent began to hesitate when the bidding came higher and higher.

It was knocked down for DKK 5,000, which makes it the most expensive Top Lot ever to be sold at Kopenhagen Fur. The buyer is Chinese Li Yanqi, who owns the fur company Ou Ya Sheng Qi Fur Garment Co., Ltd.

- I bought the Top Lot as part of a promotion of my company's 10-year anniversary, which we are celebrating this year. I want to show that my company is rising to a higher level and I hope that in cooperation with Kopenhagen Fur I can design a beautiful style out of the skins, he says.

The finished style will be exposed in the window of Li Yangi's biggest store, which is approximately 1,000 square metres.


Good cooperation

Li Yanqi has been a regular customer at the auctions for the last five years and this is his second Top Lot. He bought his first Top Lot at his first auction at Kopenhagen Fur in 2012 and it consisted of Palomino Velvet Females. He buys his skins at Kopenhagen Fur because he thinks he is taken good care of as a customer and because he can buy the best skins at Kopenhagen Fur. He is happy for the cooperation, which goes the other way around, says Per Knudsen.

- When the market boomed in China, everyone could join in. Now, we begin to see who has the visions and the ability to stand the distance, and if their business strategy is sustainable. We know Li Yanqi very well and have a good relationship with him. He has a vision that in many ways resembles Kopenhagen Fur's in terms of focus on quality, design, sustainability and development.

The most expensive charity lot

One lot is sold more expensive than today's Top Lot. It was a charity lot that was the very last lot that former Sales Director, Erik Neergaard, sold. The money went to Kopenhagen Fur's charity project in Namibia. The lot was sold in 2009 for DKK 11,000 per skin.