The two first mink Top Lots in the new season for a new generation

The first two mink Top Lots in 2017 were purchased by Mr Lee Wheeler on behalf of Mr Fan Jiang from Markcorp Trading based in Yuyao, China. The first Top Lot, White Velvet Males, was sold for 820 DKK during the January sale. Later that day, Markcorp Trading also purchased the second Top Lot, Brown Velvet Females.


Mr Fan Jiang purchased the skins online from his headquarter in China, a solution that fits him well as it is a new method of purchase for a company that embraces the future and the creativity of the new generation.

- Markcorp Trading represents a young and new generation in the fur trade. Together with our partners, we offer Door to Door brokerage services that include buying, transportation, and dressing services, he says while expressing happiness of winning the two mink Top Lots.

- We are very pleased with the purchase of these two Top Lots. The skins will be used to catch the attention of others in the trade. We wish to bring focus to new furrier techniques and new fur designs, he says.

In Markcorp Trading, the brokerage department, consisting of Fan Jiang,  Katrina Wang and Eric Fan, have all attended Kopenhagen Fur's sorting course and also CEO courses at Qinghua University. At Kopenhagen Fur, they gained valuable insight about skin grading, and also made a lot of friends in the fur trade, Mr Fan Jiang says.

Concerning the future, Mr Fan Jiang anticipates that the business in Yuyao, one of the largest whole sale markets in the world, will become harder due to intense competition.

- But we believe we can assist people in the trade. In this 2017 sales season, we have a plan concerning how to help our customers. With our knowledge, we can develop viable and strong business strategies together with our customers that matches Kopenhagen Fur's concept, he says.