Optimistic start of the Chinchilla sales

Prices were increasing at the first auction held for Chinchilla in 2017. The offering was characterised by more regular skins than usual and a greater demand for good qualities.


There was optimism at the first auction for Chinchilla, and many Italian customers had taken the trip to Glostrup.

- There were many Italians in the auction room, and it is very positive since they are the main players when it comes to Chinchilla. It gives good hope for the February auction, says Stig Reinhold, auctioneer and responsible for Chinchilla.

The skins were sold at good increasing prices compared to the last auction in September 2016. The regular skins increased by 11 percent and lowgrades by 24 percent. 10,439 regular skins were sold at an average price of DKK 335 and 4,875 lowgrades at an average price of DKK 184.

The offering of Chinchilla skins during the January auction was thus characterised by a large quantity of regular skins. They accounted for two thirds compared previously only half - and they were popular in the auction room.

  Good qualities went well. At the last auctions, customers have not paid so much for the skins sold for more than DKK 500. It went better this time, and the demand was good. Lowgrades also got a good sale. All in all, a very upbeat start of 2017, says Stig Reinhold.