Welcome to the February auction 2017

Dear customer,

At Kopenhagen Fur, we are looking forward to welcoming you at our February auction. We are offering the largest and most diverse high quality mink collection so far in this sales season comprising a total of no less than 6.4 million mink skins. On top, a new unique assortment of size 60 males and 30 females in the color types Brown and Silverblue are part of the offering. This new offering will meet a demand for large mink skins as desired by our customers.

The number of mink skins offered at the first three auctions this season is less compared to the previous season confirming that there is a drop in the world production of mink. Therefore, we should expect that the total number of mink offered through the auction companies this season will be following the downward trend we saw last year.      

Protecting your skins

Storage and transportation of raw mink skins can be challenging due to changes in temperature and humidity. Kopenhagen Fur has developed a new vacuum packing technology targeted at solving these issues. The vacuum technology will protect your skins during transportation from auction house to dressing plant and save cost on transportation as well. In combination, the new vacuum packing technology, and the newly opened Kopenhagen Fur Cold Storages in China, are designed to support our customers to secure the best possible quality on your skins, from auction to dressing and thereby supporting and adding value to our customers' business.

Watch video about the Flowpacker


In January 2017, the European fur trade through Fur Europe, and supported by IFF, launched the WelFur certification programme on all European farms. The WelFur certification programmes objective is securing the future for the fur trade. Kopenhagen Fur, Saga Furs and NAFA supports the programme. Farmers and auction house customers will share the cost of implementing the programme and Kopenhagen Fur, Saga Furs and NAFA will from the February auction at Kopenhagen Fur collect a WelFur certification fee of 0.10 € per fox, finnracoon or mink skin of European origin purchased at the auction companies. You can get more information on the WelFur programme by clicking here.

The support from all parts of the fur trade to secure successful implementation of this initiative has been significant. Together, we are moving fast forward to secure transparency and traceability catering to the modern consumers.

Kopenhagen Fur is looking forward to welcoming you at the February sale 2017.


Kind Regards

Jesper Lauge Christensen

Executive Vice President Commercial


PS: For your information, our standard conditions apply for the sale in February 2017.