Kopenhagen Fur announces April offering

As stated yesterday, the number of mink skins offered at the first three international auctions this season is less compared to the previous season confirming that there is a drop in the world production of mink skins. Therefore, we should expect that the total number of mink skins offered through the auction companies this season will be following the downward trend we saw last year. This is confirmed by Kopenhagen Fur's April offering that we are now ready to announce.

The offering on the April auction 2017 will comprise approx. 6.5 million mink skins. A similar amount of skins, 6.4 million, are offered at Kopenhagen Fur's February auction with sales beginning February 22.

Both the February and the April offerings will consist of regular mink skins covering an unsurpassed diversity in types, colour, sizes and qualities.

Inspections for Kopenhagen Fur's April auction begin April 18 with sales from April 25 to May 2.