Swakara prices satisfy Namibian delegation

Vice Chairman J.S. Motinga (Right) og broker Susanna Ribak (Left) Shortly after the sale of the White Top Lot in the auction room.

Namibia's Swakara Board was satisfied with the April auction's Swakara sale conducted at Kopenhagen Fur that saw all Swakara skins sold Wednesday morning.


Chairman Julene Meyer was happy to see a large crowd of buyers in the auction room, reflecting the interest in dealing with the unique Namibian Swakara.

- We are happy to see the growing Chinese interest in Swakara , with more Chinese buyers working through the catalogue after we noted the wider use of Swakara at the Hong Kong Fair, earlier in the year - and actually buying, Meyer says.

- Our smiles here should be the smiles of the producers back home. We've sold everything and we're satisfied with the prices. Swakara shows a sustainable product in good demand, produced under a Namibian drought that impacted producers but not the quality of the product," says the Board's Vice Chairman, J.S. Motinga.

- At previous auctions the white was the stronger one, and this time, it's the black pelts that are up, Motinga adds.

However, the chairmanship will recommend Namibian producers to make a definite choice between Black and White Swakara, focusing on even higher quality Swakara for the international market eliminating in due time the spotted and less popular Swakara from the offering altogether, being mostly a product of the switching.

Additionally, the delegation returns to Namibia with plans to celebrate the 110th anniversary of Southwestern African Karakul in October and pushing the certification of Swakara farms and legislation with Namibian national veterinary services.

The Namibian delegation will return to Denmark and Kopenhagen Fur at the September auction.