Mink top lot candidates - and chinchilla & swakara top lots at the April auction 2017

Following is the mink top lot candidates -  and the top lots chinchilla and swakara at the april auction:


Lot no.                               Top Lot Candidates - Mink          

125287                              Brown Velvet Males                                      Short nap 2

144350                              Brown Velvet Females                                  Short nap 2

168271                              Silverblue Cross Males                                 

182726                              Sapphire Velvet Females                              Short nap 1


Lot no.                                Top Lot - Chinchilla

197104                               Chinchilla


Lot no.                               Top Lot - Swakara                        

239082                              Swakara Black                                                 

239290                              Swakara White                                              


The skins are placed on the Top Lot Candidates trolley in the inspection area.