Lu Deliang buys world’s finest Sapphire Velvet

This was not the first time Mr. Lu Deliang and his company HAAH purchased high-class skins at Kopenhagen Fur, but it was the first time he visited the auction house in Denmark. An event, he chose to celebrate with the purchase of Saturday's Top Lot purchase of Sapphire Velvet Female skins. Lu Deliang's HAAH - 盛世哈哈 - has eight shops in total and the skins are headed there now. 

- We're going to use these skins for the shops, showing high-profile customers the quality of our North East Chinese retail with the best skins from the biggest auction, Lu Deliang says, standing alongside Jesper Lauge Chistensen of Kopenhagen Fur.

Purchased for 1400 DKK per skin, this Sapphire Top Lot was the second and last mink Top Lot at Kopenhagen Fur's April auction.