First auction day with mink sale is successfully completed

The auction at Kopenhagen Fur is well under way. The sale of mink began Tuesday and has until now obtained a sales percentages of 100.

Approx. 600 customers, with 375 from China / Hong Kong, are visiting Kopenhagen Fur these days. The sale of mink began Tuesday and throughout the day, Sapphire and Sapphire Velvet skins were sold. These types were well received in the auction room and all skin types reached a sales percentage of 100. The preliminary sales prices are on the same level as the latest international auction held in Finland.

The same price trend continues today with the offering of Male and Female Silverblue and Silverblue Velvet. The sale of Silverblue and Silverblue Velvet Males is completed and both types sold 100 percent.

Thus, there are positive expectations for the June auction, which will continue until 29 June.