Chinchilla Top Lot headed for the City of Lights

Lee Wheeler, a long-time buyer at Kopenhagen Fur, purchased the Chinchilla Top Lot at the June auction.


- I purchased the Chinchilla Top Lot on behalf of the French brand Yves Salomon. The company is located in Paris and has stores all over the world.

Yves Salomon has had the opportunity of working with leading luxury brands, which is a testament to the quality and creative strength of Yves Salomon, says Lee Wheeler, who has worked with the company since the mid 90's.

Certain of impressive results

Yves Salomon is not a stranger to the Chinchilla Top Lots sold at Kopenhagen Fur, as the company has purchased Chinchilla skins previously.

- The Chinchilla Top Lot is of high quality and the dressing is extremely good. The consistency of the skins is another quality stamp.

Mr Lee Wheeler does not yet know what Yves Salomon will use the skins for, but he is certain that the result will be impressive.

- Fur of this quality will most likely find its way to the haute couture collection next season, he says.

The Chinchilla Top Lot was bought for DKK 610 per skin.