Seal market in establishment phase

Sealskins were sold at Kopenhagen Fur's first day of sale at the January auction. Prior to the sale, there was great anticipation because the market for mink skins is currently characterized by reduced prices. The customers have many skins in their warehouses and the production of mink skins is currently large. Kasper Scott Reinbacher, who is the auctioneer at Kopenhagen Fur responsible for the sale of sealskins, expected that those conditions could affect the demand for seal.

However, as it turned out, the sale of sealskins was satisfactory with a stable price level.

- I find it to be very positive that sealskins performed in this manner in a declining market. These are positive notes for sealskins because it indicates that sealskins are currently in an establishment phase, and these skins could potentially become an independent, strong market, says Kasper Scott Reinbacher.

Kopenhagen Fur also received a number of new customers from both Canada and Scotland. In fact, one of the new customers manufactured sporrans for the traditional Scottish kilt. Greg Whyte, from the company Margaret Morrison, attended the auction with a great need to restock skins. The positive interest for seal helped to ensure a stable sales percentage of 58 percent for Harp Seal.

The market for fur skin accessories has increased and sealskins are finding their way to this particular market. Also, there are a number of fur fairs in the beginning of this year, where sealskins will be promoted, which will ensure international promotion for sealskins.