Top Lot buyer: A fur coat for my father

Mr Cui Hongxin is going to use his Top Lot for fur coats, one of which is for his father.


The Top Lot he purchased was Brown Velvet Males at a price of 720 DKK per skin.

- In the 90s, my grandfather started in the fur trade, and when my father was in charge, he did not buy the Top Lots, so the reason why I have now bought a Top Lot is to contribute to the fur trade and to show the quality of fur. It will also give me better business opportunities, says Mr Cui Hingxin.

He is a manufacturer and retailer for Hong Man Qi Fur Fashion with shops in Shenyang, where they sell fur coats.

- First of all, I am going to use some of the skins for a fur coat for my father, but I am not yet sure what the rest will be used for. That depends on my designers, says Mr Cui Hingxin.