Pearl Beige were sold on the third day

Today's sale of mink skins began at 8.30 with the offering of Pearl Beige Males. The day ended late in the afternoon, after a sales day where the four offered types: Pearl Beige Males, Pearl Beige Velvet Males, Pearl Beige Females and Pearl Beige Velvet Females, each obtained a 100 sales percentage of 100.

Today's numbers

Pearl Beige Males: Average: DKK 230. Top price: DKK 320.  Price deviation: +3%

Pearl Beige Velvet Males: Average: DKK 280. Top price: DKK 370.  Price deviation: +2%

Pearl Beige Females: Average: DKK 148. Top price: DKK 205.  Price deviation: +13%

Pearl Beige Velvet Females: Average: DKK 179. Top price: DKK 255.  Price deviation: -1%

Tomorrow Brown Males will be offered at 8.00. Approx. 1.6 million mink skins will be offered Saturday.